Veronika ChiChi – one of the most remarkable jazz vocalist in Lithuania. A perfect combination
of soulful voice with skilful improvisations; a charming jazz lady with a modern twist. To
describe Veronika’s music best – her debut album’s name “Singer of a 1000 faces” says it all.
And she indeed has a thousand of them if not more. Second album “One to be labelled a star
of the lithuanian jazz scene. She has the courage to do technically difficult things – fast scat
improvisations, wide range and wide dynamic spectrum pieces, big, generous voice… At the
same time, there is a lot of risky, real improvisation, and again she is refined and ambitious,
aiming to wring every possible accessible note out of her voice. It could be said that she is a
part of the global renaissance of traditional jazz vocals. She takes inspiration from that great
school, refracts it through her personal prism and creates her own songs – rich, very well
composed, each of them with an original idea and message. “ (info from ) She
graduated Lithuanian Academy for music and theatre and did an internship in University of
music Franz Liszt in Weimar (Germany). In 2013 she earned a master’s degree as a
professional jazz singer and a pedagogue. Now she is teaching jazz singing in University of
applied sciences. For the past 10 years she is active in various projects including her Veronika
ChiChi quartet and retro jazz ensemble “The Ditties”.