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Ukrainian folk song “Swim, swim, swan” (Плавай, плавай, лебедонко) is one of the most sensitive songs on the new Folk Tales album – already a third fruitful collaboration of jazz pianist, arranger Andrej Polevikov and singer-songwriter Girmantė Vaitkutė.

Some of the best Lithuanian jazz musicians participated in the creation and recording of this album. 

Folk Tales – a unique journey, where jazz harmonies intertwine with motifs of Lithuanian and other nations’ folk songs, subtly revealing the depth of different melodies, which brings the listener closer to the colourful world of ethnic music.

Girmantė – vocal

Andrej Polevikov – piano

Mindaugas Vadoklis – flugelhorn 

Denis Murašov – double bass 

Augustas Baronas – drums