Girmantė Vaitkutė – vocal
Mindaugas Vadoklis – trumpet / flugelhorn
Andrej Polevikov – piano
Denis Murašov – double bass
Augustas Baronas – drums


FolkTales – a jazz world infused with the wisdom of folk traditions. It’s the embodiment of Lithuanian and other folk motifs expressed through the sounds and melodies of contemporary jazz. Cozy, beautiful, warm, and sincere, blending the elements of modern and traditional jazz.

Folk Tales is a creative project by two performers, Girmantė and Andrejus Polevikovas. Girmantė and A. Polevikovas quartet have been stage partners for several years.

The FolkTales program draws inspiration from Andrejus’ compact disc release, “Ethnic Mood.” This debut album by the pianist revealed a colorful tapestry of moods, where national authenticity and the freedom of modern jazz blend into a harmonious sound, complementing each other.

This time, the performers invite you to explore not only Lithuanian but also the sounds of folk music from other cultures. In the FolkTales program, alongside familiar melodies, you will hear arrangements of Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Danish folk songs. Jazz harmonies here intertwine with folk melodies, revealing their depth and bringing the listener closer to the vibrant world of ethnomusic.