SNUS is an international sextet of unconventional composition, focusing on jazz and improvisational music (featuring flute and trumpet, bass, drums, and two guitars). The ensemble consists of young performers from Lithuania and Denmark who create and perform original compositions. 
The group "SNUS" was formed in 2022 while preparing for the "Vilnius Jazz Festival Young Power" competition. After the first stage of the competition, they were nominated as the "discovery of the competition" (trumpeter Apolinaras Dubauskas) and as the "ensemble with the most original compositions".
Their original and genre-defying music incorporates not only jazz stylistics but also influences from contemporary academic music, elements of free improvisation and rhythmic (groove) music elements.

Apolinaras Dubauskas – trumpet
Mėta Gabrielė Pelegrimaitė – flute
Klaudija Indriliūnaitė – el. guitar
Jens Ozmec – el. guitar
Rasmus Emil Hegner Nielsen – bass guitar
Jesper Lørup Christensen – drums