Ferry Good Company

Ferry Good Company is an improvisational music ensemble composed of six different musicians from various musical backgrounds: jazz, classical, contemporary music. 
The ensemble's main area of music performance is free improvisation, but it also has a wide range of repertoire including original compositions, arrangements, graphic notation music, improvised funk, drone music, and much more. 
Exploring a wide range of musical styles and experimenting with rhythms, atonal harmonies, timbres, and advanced techniques, the ensemble creates an expressive and unconventional performance format, constantly challenging themselves and their audience. 
In 2023, Ferry Good Company released their debut album "Vol. 1".

Kazimieras Jušinskas – saxophones
Kristupas Gikas – saxophone, flute
Simonas Kaupinis – tuba
Gediminas Stepanavičius – double bass, trumpet
Domantas Razmus – drums
Dominykas Norkūnas – guitar