Donatas Petreikis Quintet

Donatas Petreikis is a saxophonist, composer, and arranger who harbors a profound affection for jazz and its various sub-genres. His devotion to music has propelled him towards a professional career in the field, where he has had the privilege to collaborate with some of the industry's finest.
As a composer, Donatas endeavors to craft music that seamlessly amalgamates different genres, intertwining jazz with elements from diverse styles to fashion a distinctive sound that is unequivocally his own. His compositions for orchestras have garnered considerable acclaim, affording him the opportunity to exhibit his creativity on a grand scale.
Whether performing live or recording in the studio, Donatas invests his heart and soul into every note. For him, music transcends mere occupation - it constitutes a way of life. He cherishes the daily chance to impart his adoration for jazz to audiences worldwide.

Donatas Petreikis – saxophones
Malthe Kaptain – trumpet
Rahel Talts – piano
William Mannerland – double bass
Jesper Lørup Christensen – drums